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It comes as no surprise that athletes and performers play a special role in the lives of others around them.  It builds character and helps boost morale.  In addition, participating in sports can also have a lasting impression on their academics as well.  Sportrait Banners are an excellent way of showcasing their accomplishment.


Sportrait Banners do not have to be limited to just 'sports' athletes either.  Banners can also be produced for Dance, Cheer, Band, Color Guard, Chess Club, etc.  In addition, they also do not have to be limited to only Seniors either.  They can be produced for anyone and everyone you wish!



Sportrait Sessions are taken on site and in front of a green screen.  I usually arrive about 30 minutes prior to the scheduled time so I can set everything up.  Once the athletes arrive, I typically take a few different poses of each athlete to achieve a few different looks.  They are also encouraged to bring props specific to them or to their sport/activity so that those can also be included in the photos.  Typically, a Sportrait Session can last about an hour or two depending on how many athletes or performers there are, not including setup or tear down.


Once the shoot is complete, I spend several hours editing the photos and extracting the images out of the green screen.  From that point, I put the images onto two or three different backgrounds so that the athletes and performers can pick and choose which pose and which background they want for their banners.​  I try to keep my turnaround to under two weeks, including the photography session, editing, final approval, and delivery.

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The session fee for Sportrait Banners is $20 and it goes towards covering the shipping of the banners.  The images are edited and produced onto a 3' wide by 4' tall vinyl banner, and they run $40 each.  Upsize it to a 3'x5' banner for only $5 more!

Custom sized banners, Season Team banners, and other options are also available.  Please contact me to discuss the details on pricing if you would like something in an alternate size.

The turnaround is super fast and once the banners are ordered, you will have them in hand within a day or two.

*PLEASE NOTE* -- For schools with multiple athletes, all athletes of a particular sport/season need to be present at the same session.  Any time additional sessions are required for 'make-up' photos for athletes that were not able to make the initial session, an additional $35 trip fee will be charged in addition to the $20 session fee.


I realize there are other companies out there that produce banners for schools and organizations.  What sets me apart however, is the quality of work that I can provide, and at a better cost than the competition.  Schedule with me and I promise you will not be disappointed!



Athlete Banners are just the start of what I offer when it comes to Sports!  In addition to the banners, there are several other products also available.  They include buttons, dog tags, luggage tags, trading cards, even mini-sized 'locker' banners that they can hang in their locker at school, and more!  I can also create 'Season Posters' which include a composite of any and all athletes you want, as well as the team's upcoming schedule.  Contact me for more details on the additional offerings.

Whatever your needs, let me prove to you that I am your 'go-to' photographer for all your Athlete and Performer Banner needs!  Click the button below to schedule your Sportraits Session!

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